STN Team

Consulting Services to Support Efforts to Stop Human Trafficking Worldwide

Stop Trafficking Net is dedicated to fighting human trafficking around the world. We provide consulting services to international organizations, private and non-profit groups, NGOs, and governments worldwide.

Training: We develop and deliver training programs for a wide range of stakeholders including social workers, law enforcement officers, border protection services, consular officers, NGO staff, service providers, government officials and managers, and others.

Topics include: Understanding Human Trafficking, Identifying and Assisting Victims of Human Trafficking, Developing Policies and National Action Plans to Fight Human Trafficking, Designing awareness raising campaigns and other prevention programming, and more.

Assessments, Evaluations and Research: We conduct assessments and evaluations for new, ongoing and completed projects. Such activities include assessments of current trafficking contexts in a country or region; mapping existing services and programs; new project design evaluation of existing and completed programs; and research into critical issues.

Management of Counter Trafficking Programs: We provide services to manage your counter trafficking initiatives from start up, through monitoring and evaluation to sustainable close-out and handover of activities.